Held on Bob Barnes Memorial Skeet Field.

Skeet Shooting 10am on Saturday mornings all YEAR long except for the month of November.

Cost for members:         $4.00
Cost for non-members:  $5.00

Youth (under 18 years old) with an adult purchase: 25 targets with one box of shells per week for all clay courses.

Punch Cards are available for purchase by members:
    Trap or Skeet:                         $70.00 for 20 rounds
    Sporting Clays or 5 Stand:     $110.00 for 20 rounds

Shells available for purchase in 12 or 20 gauge: $6.00 box of 25


For More Information Contact: Wayne Michaud 906-221-2185  Email Wayne

Trap High House Trap Low House Trap Warming Room